A Letter from Will Hunt

Every search firm should be a hunter.

The successful hunter doesn’t sit in wait. Hunt Search Group doesn’t rely on passively recruiting candidates. Though we have an enviable contact list of candidates, we reach outside that list for each and every search to find and close fresh talent. More than half of the searches we complete are with candidates we didn’t previously know.

The true hunter acts quickly and with precision. Sign a contract with Hunt Search Group and you can be guaranteed that the position will be filled – we have over a 90% fill rate. The investment we have made in both our technology infrastructure and search methodology allows us to source and evaluate candidates quickly and accurately; freeing you to make the best decision for your company.

The smart hunter builds relationships. We develop an intimate knowledge of our clients and their business — providing not just people but guidance and value that one-and-done firms cannot. Every year, a majority of our revenue has been from repeat clients or referrals from those same clients.

The skilled hunter hones his craft. We have a strong track record of success placing top talent for a number of industries including automotive, technology, service, healthcare and oil and gas. This success follows from our knowing the market better than any other search firm. Our specialization allows us to find and uncover hidden, key talent.

Work with a hunter. At Hunt Search Group we know that proactive, targeted recruiting enables us to attract the best talent for the job and brings a superior level of talent to our clients.

I look forward to hearing from you,


Will Hunt, President
Hunt Search Group